Rest in Peace: the Book

Rest in Peace: the BookIf you are living in Belgium because you are working here, you may have discovered that things are different from what you are used to at home. 

Things can also get a little bit more complex in other circumstances, for example, if you are about to inherit from your parents, if you have a holiday home in Italy and France, and bank accounts to pay for the charges.


That is before other complications, such as a spouse with a different nationality, a parent living in France, children in Spain, Greece and Croatia, while you plan to retire in Italy.

In addition, the days when estate planning was just about limiting inheritance tax for a happy couple who have been married for forty years, with two well-adjusted children and four lovely grandchildren are long gone. 

Estate planning has become more complex. 

It is not only about planning around ever changing laws, but also around non-traditional families, estranged families, and everything in between.

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 A Guide to Wills and Inheritance Tax in Belgium 

   by Marc Quaghebeur, Tax Lawyer 

This book is probably the first book in English on the subject. It is an accessible, easy-to-understand introduction to estate planning, in the hope that it will get you started on planning your estate.   The purpose of this book is to dissipate some misunderstandings and help you plan your estate.  Given the complex maze of laws (civil law, inheritance law, tax laws and inheritance tax, social security laws, etc), it is recommend that you work with an experienced estate planning lawyer or notary. Even then, if you have to take account of the laws of one or more countries, a small misstep or oversight can be very problematic and you may need a lawyer in another country to assist you. This book will help you ask the correct questions from your advisers.

 The book is available at Sterling Books and at Waterstone's Brussels. 



Dealing with Death

Who inherits what ?

Last will and testament

Forced heirship
Community property

Inheritance Tax

Cross border Successions

Estate Planning

Planning in your will
Planning by donation
Estate planning in a marriage contract
Planning with insurance
Planning with contracts
Trusts and foundations

Annexes : these models can be found here.