Yes, your spouse and your parents.

If your spouse survives you, you must ensure that he/she has at least the usufruit in one half of your estate and in particular in the family home.

Even if you are not living together anymore, your spouse is protected and has the right to inherit until the day you are legally divorced. If you have been separated for more than six months, you can disinherit your spouse in your Will.

If you are not married, your partner is not protected by law even if you have registered your partnership.

If you have no children, your parents (or even grandparents) have a reserve as well. They are entitled to one quarter of the assets for the mother's side and one quarter for the father's side.  However, they may be disinherited by making a Will in favour of the surviving spouse.

There are plans to abolish the forced heirship rules for the parents.