In general the banks will require a certificate of succession (akte van erfopvolging / certificat d’hérédité) identifying you and your heirs in accordance with the Belgian legal rules and your Will. That certificate can be drafted by a notary or by the receiver of the local registration tax office. That can take a number of weeks because they will first investigate with the Central Register of Wills and they have to check that you and your heirs do not have any outstanding tax or social security debts.    

The bank will also ask your heirs to sign a document confirming who can receive the money.  Normally, this should not take more than two or three weeks, but if the heirs disagree, the account can remain blocked for a longer period of time.  Moreover, if the deceased or the heirs have any outstanding tax or social security debts, the bank will have to pay these first.

If the deceased had any heirs outside the European Economic Area, the tax authorities will have to authorise the release of the bank accounts, after the tax has been paid.