Within the European Union, the movement of capital has been liberalised, so that in principle, it can move freely. Belgium does not restrict the transfer of money.

Belgium has developed a progressive good system of electronic banking, which has replace cheques to a good extent. Most Belgians do not only carry credit cards but also automatic payment or cash cards (Bancontact/Mister Cash) which allow them to draw directly on their bank accounts, and even an electronic purse 'Proton' which can be charged in any automatic teller machine.

To open a current account, one has to show some form of identity. Proof of liquidity will get one a cheque guarantee card, which is normally also used as a cash cards. Current accounts bear interest at 0.50% ; savings accounts around 2.50%. Transfers of money from abroad can be expensive and take a long time, unless they are made by Swift transfer

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