To drive in Belgium, one must have a valid Belgian drivers' licence. Usually one can simply exchange one's own licence for a Belgian drivers' licence. The foreign drivers' licence is kept on file until one leaves Belgium or is returned to the registration office. Some foreigners (e.g. Canadians) must take the Belgian driving test.

To receive a Belgian drivers' licence, one should take one's own drivers' licence and identity card, as well as two passport photos to the town hall.

Most of the rules for driving in Belgium are very similar to other countries. Beware of the priority-from-the-right rule ; unless the road to your right has markings obliging the driver coming from your right to stop, he will have priority, even if he comes out of a small road. This can be quite confusing for newcomers, who are therefore well advised to assume that any car they see coming from their right has the priority. Not giving priority is an offence.

Seatbelts must be used for all passengers, even in the back. Children under 12 must always travel in the back. The use of a mobile phone while driving is strictly forbidden.

On motorways, there is a minimum speed of 70 km per hour as well as a maximum of 120 km per hour.  One can only overtake on the outside lane.

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