Cars are relatively cheap in Belgium, although the differences are not what they are anymore. It is essential to shop around and bargain with dealers, as one can get substantial price reductions.

The garage will provide you with a registration document which contains all the necessary details to register the car. You have to take this to an insurance broker who will provide you with adequate insurance.The registration certificate should arrive through the post within a couple of days, usually with your rear number plate. One has to have the front plate made. The number plate stays with the car owner and not with the car.

There is an initial taxe de mise en circulation / belasting op de inverkeerstelling between € 61.50 and € 3,469.90 depending on the power of the car.

It used to be interesting to buy a car in Belgium for export and to delay the payment of VAT (21%) and import duties by registering the car in transit. This is still possible if one lives in Belgium for a short period of time only, and the car must be exported at the end of the transit period indicated on the plates. If the car is not exported, one must pay the tax on the purchase price paid.

When buying a second hand car, the seller must provide you with a recent (maximum two months) certificate that the car is roadworthy issued by the Contrôle Technique (MoT).

This document is indispensable to register the car together with the same documents as for the registration of a new car.

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